Instagram Reels Download

How to Download Instagram Reels Video?
Here are the following steps:

1. Copy the URL link from the Instagram App or website

2. Paste the Copied Link in the Text Box given Above

3. After Pasting Link Press the Download Reel Button

4. After Pressing Download Button you will get the reel video, then press the side button and download video

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How to use Reels Download Website?

Paste your video link in the input area and Press download Button it will show the video then click on the 3 Dots or Long press on the video it will show the download button click on that button your video will be downloaded.

What is Reels?

Reels is a Platform created by Instagram in the Instagram App where Creators can upload 15 to 30-second video and users can watch. Reels launched in 2020 for global users. In the Reels, creators get lots of songs that they can include in there videos and lots of other video editing features.

How to Copy link of Instagram Reel Video?

You can do it in very simple steps select the video which link you want to copy
Step1: Click on the 3 Dots
Step2: After clicking it will show a list, now select Copy link

Location of Downloaded Video

All the video that you downloaded depends on your browser download folder but in most cases its Download Folder.
If you want to change file download location you can do it manually by going into the settings of your browser.